5 Games That Are Good Alternatives to Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike is an addicting mobile game that is sure to keep your attention occupied for hours to come. However the grind for the game can be a long ordeal because of the need to farm gold to make upgrades and win battles. There are webpages that let you hack gold and VIP in Mobile Strike for free but those can often be in limited scope due to daily limitations on generator usage. If you’re at the point that your missions are spending too much time to complete and you end up with lots of spare time waiting, here are five other apps that you might want to try out.

1. Throne Rush

This RTS from Progrestar is available both on Android and Facebook. It features a medieval fantasy theme that is sure to get your dragon-slaying, city-crushing, village-desolating thirsts quenched. The game has over 10 million downloads on Google Play and is still highly played in Facebook. So if you have any spare time while doing your dailies, why don’t you give this game a try? The game features realistic graphics that would surely appeal to any gamer.

2. Castle Clash: Age of Legends

One of the rising stars of our list is this hot RTS from IGG.com. With a Hero system, this build-and-battle game is sure to leave a good effect on RPG gamers. The variety of gameplay that this hero system provides is refreshing since all your battles will have a different feel if your enemies have different teams. This is a sure download if you still have not gotten your mission timer completed in Mobile Strike. The rich and fluid graphics is sure to keep you playing more.

3. Game of War – Fire Age

Mobile Strike’s predecessor is just a download away. If you want all the features of Mobile Strike but want it with mythical beasts, this is the game to go. The game itself was ranked as one of the highest grossing apps in Google Play and is still continuing to grow up until this moment. It holds all the juicy action of Mobile Strike while still offering unique gameplay. It’s a sure add to the list and is a must download for all the fans out there who want to experience a whole new feel to Mobile Strike.

4. Clash of Kings

No, it’s not the George R.R. Martin book. It’s a game from top developer Empire Game Studio that features a unique take on the widespread RTS games out there. It provides greatly rendered animations that are sure to make you feel like you’re a real king trying to siege other castles. The key is simple, build your village up to attack other strongholds. The game is very easy to jump into and is sure to keep you occupied as your wait for your Mobile Strike missions to complete.

5. Clash of Clans

Apparently the most popular RTS game in the market today. Supercell’s medieval fantasy RTS took the mobile world by storm after its initial release on 2012 (iOS, 2013 for Android). It grossed $1 million a day in in-app purchases and is one of the top apps in Google Play to date. The game’s core, unlike most games RTS games nowadays, is team play. As the title suggests, the game is famous for its clan war system which takes player clans around the world and pits them against each other. If that doesn’t sound good to you, I don’t know what does! It’s a highly recommended game if ever you want a different taste for your RTS playing pleasure

These are just a few games that you can play while resting from Mobile Strike that are sure to keep your mobile-gamer mind working. A note to take is that all gamers do not have the same tastes, so just play the game that appeals to you the most.

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