Amazon’s New Delivery Service in New York City

Just late last year, Amazon is once again upping the ante with regard to their delivery service in NYC in particular. Giving it the name Prime Now, which is available to Amazon Prime members, the service allows Amazon goods to be delivered right at your doorstep just within an hour for a fee of $7.99. If the items are not there within 2 hours, that delivery fee is waived.

Initially, the service was available in Manhattan since Amazon leased a building near the Empire State. Currently, Prime Now items are being delivered in locations nearby. Later on, additional zip codes were added to their list of where they deliver. This year, they are pushing forward having it available in other cities.

Currently, Amazon is not the only company offering this service. Even Google has its own Google Express. Other startup companies have also joined this kind of service, such as Uber, Postmates, and Instacart.

This initiative has been rolled out by Amazon way before with Amazon Fresh. For just $299 a year, groceries are bound to be delivered within the same day, and this is what Google Express offers as well.

amazon-prime-logoAside from these two, Instacart in partnership with Whole Foods, is also offering the same service.
Providing this kind of service is not easy. eBay had their own EBay Now but they had to shut it down. Basically, customers are allowed to shop and receive the items for just a minimal fee of $5. It was introduced way back 2012 and was set to be rolled out in their website and app but then, it didn’t work out well.

Seeing where Amazon is right now, there’s a high likelihood that they have a better chance to succeed with this instant delivery service. Their normal delivery scheme is already with a good record on its own and the paying Prime customers themselves are pretty much an active and loyal group when it comes to spending more for yearly fees to get better services.

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