Clash Royale August 2016 update explained for newbies

Clash Royale is a very popular device game that is supported by both Android and iOS devices. It is a game that was released by Supercell and it is one of those few games that have been able to gain positive ratings in their first months of release. Clash Royale is a strategy game that proves to be fun for amateur game players and also very challenging for the hardcore game players.

There have been numerous rumors that Supercell will be releasing a new update of Clash Royale in August, 2016; and this is what we expect in the new update. Supercell is most likely to change the nature of the tournaments. Most people expected this change in the July update but it didn’t happen and that is why most odds show that the tournaments will be changed in the August update. Some people also think that new card will be introduced in the August update.

A rumor from the developer’s desks also states that legendary cards will also be attainable in the new update. More bugs will be fixed, including the latest exploit that allows players to hack gems using generators. alongside a release of new troops. We should be a little patient and wait for what is cooking in the Supercell’s kitchen. Be ready to update your Clash Royale app from iTunes or from GooglePlay.

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