How to Get Epic Blasts in Blossom Blast Saga

Getting more gold bars and lives are and keeping them in stock is essential once you get to the higher levels of Blossom Blast Saga. In the earlier levels, it is very easy to just chain 3 flowers over and over and get the highest score you can get in those fun levels. You will quickly grow out of that phase as once you get to level 30 and higher, it becomes much more critical on how you place your flowers and when you decide to pop them or let them grow.

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By following the cute little bee called ‘Blossom’, you open up the new world fields with flowers, weeds, glasses and moles. By lining up the right game elements properly, you open yourself up to epic blasts of flowerbeds and unlocking new levels. The game is equally as beautiful and runs well on both Android and iOS devices. Help your little bee friend spread the love of flowers by creating chains and clearing the board to get to the next level. Remember that bigger the chain, the higher the score you can achieve.

With 120 levels that was available at launch (way more available now), the game takes a long time to play and master. One of the most fun things to do in Blossom Blast Saga is to play with other players. This is similar to Candy Crush Saga, where you could face off against your buddies. Blossom Blast Saga has the same multiplayer aspects, although limited to 2 players. This is a feature that King should look into implementing as there are other puzzle games that features 3 or more players. Those other multi-player puzzle games can be incredibly addicting.

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