Top Ideas for decorating your dens in Animal Jam as a Non-Member

Animal Jam is currently one of the most popular massive multiplayer online virtual games on the web today, and is free to play…mostly. Animal Jam’s current stance on optional membership fees is that, in order to keep the game free of advertising, players can pay for memberships; paying members are rewarded with access to additional animals, items, accessories, dens, furniture, and decorations.

Because some players are unwilling or unable to pay for memberships, communities have sprung up all over the web to support non-members of Animal Jam. Players around the world have become more creative with their free options, doing their best to make their dens unique and appealing without shelling out real-world money for a membership. Some interesting Animal Jam den ideas for non-members might include:

  • Players can make an ice couch by placing two ice chairs together in their den.
  • User LILYF123456 has discovered that adding carnival plushies to a den and building rooms around them can be a great way for non-members to have pets in their dens.
  • Non-members can make beds in their den by placing three couches together and adding two pillows or mats together at the head of the bed.
  • Adding rugs to walls instead of placing them on the floor can make rooms look more interesting and can allow non-members to create their own personalized wallpaper.
  • User maximumride03 has been given credit on some blogs for discovering that adding bamboo and chairs to a den entrance is a great, cheap option for non-members that would like a porch.
  • Adding duck plushies around a birdfeeder can be used to customize a non-member yard.
  • Maximize the usage of diamonds hack to get the furniture you need.
  • Non-members can use a rug to place items on a storage “second floor” that can’t be accessed but can be used as display.

Tips for Non-Members: Themes, Friends, and Mondays

Many sites online suggest that non-members pick a theme for their den and decorate around that. Though non-members don’t have access to all of the items that members have access to, having a theme can set a non-member den apart and can show that the non-member is a creative decorator. Another way for a non-member to create a wonderful den is to become friends with as many people as possible, including members.

Fair trades can be a great way to get new items. Non-members are eligible to get some of the rare items that are given away on Animal Jam’s “Rare Item Mondays” so it’s also very important for non-members to remember to check the site at the beginning of the week. Finally, many creative designs for a den can be created by layering items or experimenting with what colors look great together in a den. Many times non-members have created ways to make their dens stand out simply by experimenting with the items that they have and by thinking creatively.

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